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Fireplace mantel designs vary in many manners today. They include flexible and attractive materials that fit every home’s outside or interior design theme. According to your unique, then they’re sometimes combined and paired to make it to the plan you would like.

And as most of them are fire resistant, these mantels can accommodate any type of fireplace when it uses wood or gas for fuel.

Twist stones dominate many modern fireplace mantel designs today due to their light weight. Since they are not the bulky and hefty type, they’re simpler to use.

Another reason for their incidence is the simple truth they can replicate as a limestone, granite, marble or slate because of the accessibility to distinct colors that mimic the other durable materials.

Focal point

As a fireplace might be used as the attention of a room’s interior design, the overall theme of the space can start from this arrangement.

In the event this is the situation, it would be an excellent idea to make your fireplace mantel design a standout.

Fireplace mantel designs might be the frame type or the shelf type or the cabinet type ) It might just cover the entire opening of the fireplace or it might stretch up to the ceiling.

Designs that move the ceiling might be utilized to display large art pieces such as paintings to ensure it is a legitimate fascination in the home.

The shelf and cabinet style can be used to display home decors in addition to smaller art purposes that fit the overall interior motif of the room.

These designs are renowned for their complex designs such as the carvings that are a cut above the more modern designs.

The mantel is one of the important attractions of a fireplace) It acts as an accent to the structure and gives it a unique allure. This may demonstrate a simple style plus it might have elaborate designs too. It is often used within an area to display art pieces and decorations such as huge scented candles, figurines and photo frames ) )

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