15 Gorgeous Exotic Apartment in The City of Light

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Paris is known because of the obviously -romantic ambiance, and anybody would really like to devote time in town. But how about once you have the beautiful perspective of that the Eiffel Tower daily or prior to going to bed at night? How amazing is it? This is what you’d experience if you’re remaining in this elegant apartment on Avenue de la Motte-Picquet. This is a flat you’d definitely need to board if you’re seeing the beautiful City of Light.

Concerning the Apartment

This is a tasteful duplex flat which has a supersized rooftop that provides the guests a clear perspective of that the Eiffel Tower. The first designers of the flat especially designed it for its interest of impressing the traffic. It is that a ideal location for a family because it’s a complete of four bedrooms with diverse sizes of beds. )

The luxuriousness of the flat begins all of the way by the sitting room which has big couches, with mixing nautical and exotic topics. There are a few artworks around the wall, which include more sophistication to the room. Another stage of highlight in that the master bedroom would be the personal balcony that confronts the Eiffel Tower, and a refined ensuite bathroom. The family bathroom and bathroom are designed using a similar nautical motif.

There is another sitting room about the next floor, that accesses the balcony. Some elegant sliding glass doors divide the sitting room room using the big balcony, which means it’s still possible to enjoy the view with all the doors shut. Additionally, the next floor hosts a sexy tub and that a unique kitchen place which has a fashionable breakfast bar.

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