13 Best Burn Turned Into a Lovely Family Home

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Renovating the barn was a real challenge to the bundle however was the way that they learnt that renovation did not mean only the knocking down of walls. The wide garden was one of the matters which brought Hans and Karen with this home, which they thought was perfect for a variety of actions.

It was three years past the couple bought their immediate home in the French countryside. They were looking for not only a minute home, but something different and complementary like a hideaway. With this particular order, they ended up with a huge renovation project.

It had been a barn when they watched it, and revived it themselves to make it a home. They utilized contractors only for building the growth while Karen did the painting and Hans took care of the inner isolation and electricity. They built the kitchen cabinets on New Year’s Eve, a few hours before their friends came for celebrations.

After working and structure items this time, things are now calmer and they have more time to love themselves. Their kitchen provides a link between the outside and inside in that their dining table and chairs are created just like outdoor furniture to emphasize this hyperlink. They opted to maintain the original shutters which were freshened with a coating of paint.

There are just two dining areas in the kitchen; a smaller walnut and a casual al fresco dining. They nevertheless maintained the vast majority of the first features of the building like the horseshoe above front entrance.

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